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11-05-2021..What’s special today?

11th May is observed as the National Technology Day in order to commemorate the efforts taken by scientists and passionate technical minds all around the country to keep evolving in the field of technology for the welfare of the society..

Especially, this day is remembered with pride due to the Pokhran Test in 1998 when India demonstrated its stellar achievement to the world.

A turbulent era in which we are living requires even greater capabilities but humanity must also be focused along with technological progress..Though there are so many wonderful creations of technology that has made our lives much easier, sadly, we’ve lost control in a few of them and ended up being slaves of media and addicts of smartphones…

A smart person is not the one who uses a smart phone but it is the one who uses the phone smartly.’

What man made to make things easier is proving to be inhumane when handled carelessly..You might have seen people recording an accident before helping the victim..Why??…Is that humanity??..

Let’s always bear in mind that technology is always a boon as long as we use it rightly..Learn to control your usage of technology📱 in order to conquest your dreams!

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