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🧩Letter Puzzles🧩..How well can you guess??

Hi buddies.. If you’re a student of Mathematics or if you are preparing for any competitive exams, then this is the right time to click the link below to learn more about solving “Letter Puzzles”…

March 3 – 👂World Hearing Day👂

“The ear is the only true writer and the only true reader”.. Rightly said by Robert Frost, our ears 👂work wonders in our life as the most essential medium of ensuring better communication skills. As a student🤓, it is even more important to keep our ears as healthy as possible! Tips for better hearing! VeryContinue reading “March 3 – 👂World Hearing Day👂”


Insert the right pressure into your exams before exams exert pressure on you!!..📚 Hii!..As a student..what scares you the most?..Well, according to recent statistical reports, test anxiety or examinophobia can affect anywhere between 10 to 40 percent of all students. Exam fever is one of the symptoms of acute Exam Pressure!..🤔Do you agree? Amidst parentsContinue reading “📝 USE PRESSURE 2 TACKLE EXAM PRESSURE ✍..”

Want a ‘High Score’?..You are just 2 steps away!

Hello buddies!… You all might have heard about ‘Pythagoras’ of the greatest mathematicians ever!..Did you know that he was one of the earliest vegetarian from the West!?!..Vegetarianism is first mentioned by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras of Samos around 500 BCE. In addition to his theorem about right triangles, Pythagoras promoted benevolence among allContinue reading “Want a ‘High Score’?..You are just 2 steps away!”